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Gasoline, crude oil and petroleum products plays significiant role in our life. This products are very valuable and one of the top selling natural products around the world, and it is covers all levels of international trading.

In initial form petroleum, gasoline and oil products don't give best performance and quality. That's why our mission to help refineries, petroleum companies, oil terminals, port terminals, filling station to improve quality and perfomance of this products.

Chekhov ltd is a large chemical company that specializes in supplying and producing additives for various types of fuels. The quality of the company's products meets all international norms and standards. Highly qualified scientists, who work in a research institute, can make or improve formula according to technical tasks of our costumers. The company has connections with leading fuel manufacturers in China, India and other leading states. This indicates a highest grade of trust to our company from global fuel manufacturers.

In addition we all perfectly know, that the quality of finished products depends on the condition of crude oil and the place of it is processing.
Therefore, we individually approach each order and, before we begin production of the additive, we carefully study the obtained samples.

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