2-ethylhexyl nitrate

CAS Number 27247-96-7
Formula: C8H17NO3

Additive increasing cetane number with mix of kerosene. 2-ethylhexyl nitrate are applying at production of middle distillates and diesel fuel.

Used in package with lubricate and depressor-dispersing additives for saving all characteristics of diesel fuels, including long storage.

Specifications of 2-ethylhexyl nitrate

Diesel type Cetane result Effect
base diesel 43,0 -
basediesel+ 0.3%weight2-ethylhexyl nitrate 48 +5
base diesel 48 -
base diesel + 0.6%weight 2-ethylhexyl nitrate 57,8 +9,8
base diesel + 1.0%weight 2-ethylhexyl nitrate 61,2 +13,2

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2-ethylhexyl nitrate
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200 L
ISO tank
20 Tn

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