DMN - 2005

Depressor additive of the DMN 2005 series - modifies the structure of paraffin crystals. It improves the flowability of crude oil, so that it can be transported through pipelines without the risk of solidification.

The effect of the DMN series additives is that they interfere with the normal growth of paraffin crystals and asphaltenic substances, and also improve the rheological properties of oil. In practice, this means a significant reduction in pumping costs by lowering the pour point of oil after the addition of the additive. The effectiveness of additives in the fight against the above difficulties are usually judged by the level of the point of loss of fluidity.

Also Additive DMN-2005 was tested on different types of fuel oil . The use of the above-mentioned additive makes it possible to lower the freezing point of fuel oil M-100, improves flowability, and in some cases translates it into more qualified M40 fuel oil, as well as F-5 and F-12 fuel oils.

In the production of fuel oil F, F12 reduces the use of diesel / heating oil by 50%.

Test results of DMN-2005 additive on different fuel oils

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200 L
ISO tank
20 Tn

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